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Dish Network - Digital TV

If you receive television from Dish Network using a digital tv set:
You will need an antenna and coaxial cable. A rooftop antenna is recommended for best reception.

  • If you choose an indoor antenna, place it as high off the ground as possible and near a window or outside wall. If you have an antenna with “rabbit ears”, the “ears” should be extended about 18 inches. Position them so that the transmitter site would be between the “ears,” like the diagram below:
    • Click here for a map of transmitter sites to find the one nearest you
    • Keep in mind that the signal diminishes with distance from the transmitter site, or if there are physical obstacles such as mountains and buildings between you and the transmitter site. If the signal is too weak for your indoor antenna, you many need a rooftop antenna, which can be purchased for a little as $20.
    • Click here for antenna pricing and installation information
  • If you choose a rooftop or attic antenna, the point the narrow part of the antenna toward the transmitter site, like the diagram:

  • Connect the antenna cable to your television set’s antenna input. Then, using your television remote, switch from the satellite input to the antenna input. Use your television remote to prompt your television’s digital receiver to scan for channels. 24/7 will appear on channel 7.2

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