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Antennta - unknown TV set type

  • Many digital television sets have labels, markings, or statements in the informational materials that come with them to indicate that they contain digital tuners. These labels or markings may contain the words “Integrated Digital Tuner,” “Digital Tuner Built-In,” “Digital Receiver,” “Digital Tuner,” “DTV,” “ATSC,” or “HDTV” (High Definition TV). If your television equipment contains any of these labels or markings, you are able to view digital over-the-air programming without the need for a digital-to-analog converter box.
  • All TVs 35 inches and larger have digital tuners if manufactured after July 2005, and sets 25 inches and larger since March 2006. All sets, regardless of size, after march 2008 must have digital tuners. Therefore, only older sets might be without digital tuners.

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